"The ElectroKoustic Duo"

"The ElectroKoustic Duo"

John G. Lewis & Steven B.

The musician’s nature as it is, always creating and searching for that new sound and feeling, their minds and spirits will find their way through this world’s noise to a place of splendor and beautiful collaboration with others. For that’s when music is at its ultimate finest. The delicate and tasteful union of Steven B. and John G. Lewis is just that!

Collectively known as “The ElectroKoustic Duo”, this collaborating team has the polished sound and stage performance that is something to experience! With a repertoire that covers multiple genres (Jazz, Classic RnB and Classic Pop) and musical time stance, “The ElectroKoustic Duo” has delighted audiences nationally and internationally. They have provided musical entertainment for all types of events from major art exhibitions, business venue openings, national corporate parties, private parties, jazz festivals, and wine tastings just to name a few. "The ElectroKoustic Duo" was also a featured act on the 2019 Capital Jazz Super Cruise. 

With lush vocals, midi guitar (producing a hybrid guitar-bass sound) midi drums, saxophones and wind synthesizer controller, their sound is quality driven and produces an unbelievable soulful presentation that’s hard to believe that it’s coming from just two musicians. “The ElectroKoustic Duo” name is apropos and describes them perfectly.

John G. Lewis

John G. Lewis is a singer and guitarist with a silky voice and with amazing fluency on guitar. He has developed a hybrid guitar/bass style and a sound playing technique that produces an organic lush full sound to accompany his soulful tenor vocals. He sings in English, French and Portuguese. A linguist by training and a musician by choice, he refers to the duo’s music as “Neo-Lounge Mix”.

For more info: www.jlewismusic.com


Steven Bundick (Steven B.)

Steven B. is a saxophonist (soprano, alto and tenor) who’s horn voice is melodic and sweet at the same time with a hint of rawness. In addition, he plays the Yamaha WX11 wind synthesizer producing sounds from violins to various simulated synthesizers. When not playing the horn, Steven B. belts out his beautiful soulful tenor vocals that layers and accompanies John’s singing and guitar playing.



Steven B. & John Lewis

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National Harbor

Friday Summer Sounds at National Harbor Steven B. & John Lewis performing for the 2021 National Harbor Summer Sounds Program Free out door event *(Please note that the exact location tba - check back shortly)